Ubud Pendant with Chain


A modern interpretation of the pineapple, the 18kt yellow gold Ubud Pendant is the perfect symbol of luxury, adventure and opulence. Suspended from its golden chain, the hand carved classic is set with fine round diamonds. The feature opal gleams with equatorial-inspired hues including orange, green, yellow, blue and purple.

This piece is exclusive to the person who wears it; never recreated and unavailable for reordering.

Details and Materials

Weight0.5 kg
Dimensions34 × 29.21 × 6.35 cm

Oval cabochon opal: estimated weight of 6.8 carats
0.15 total carat weight of diamonds (in the crown of the pineapple)
All of our feature diamonds are natural earth-mined diamonds

Precious metal

18kt yellow gold pendant and chain

Width of pendant

35mm x 13.5mm

Weight of pendant

5.4 grams

Length of chain

23.25" length. Chain can be worn at full length or as a 21.5" chain

Weight of chain

6.05 grams

Total weight

11.5 grams


Third-party appraisal available upon request

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