Ornately-sculptured jewellery

His ornately-sculptured jewellery combines traditional motifs with contemporary trends. This platinum skillset is what truly defines the astonishing intersectionality of Astranova’s luxury jewellery.

Triple Drop Earrings Shaped Sting Ray Diamonds
yellow gold diamond ring

Setting of gemstones and diamonds

Simon is not only a jewellery designer, but a dextrous setter. Each skillset is highly distinct and both are rarely performed by one person. As a setter, he meticulously mounts, secures and levels diamonds or gemstones to each jewellery item.

Bringing jewellery to life

Sitting on his workshop bench, he exists in a different world. He uses sharp tools, a hammer and even heat to bring each piece to life.

Simon creating diamond jewellery designs
Tourmaline and Sapphire Earrings set in yellow gold

Simon's collections

Each of Simon’s collections represent a handcrafted anthology. They traverse exquisite, fascinating themes; Greek philosophy, European history and more.

Astranova's force

Simon is a force of organized chaos, catalyzing Astranova’s rapid acceleration as a major jewellery player in both Vancouver and on the global stage.

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