At Astranova Jewellery we make it uniquely yours whether it’s a ring, wedding band, necklace, bracelet or earrings. Capture the moment and mark your occasion with stunning fine jewellery. Our custom designed beautifully crafted pieces are a joy to wear and cherished always. Enjoy the experience.


Enter our world and be a part of the design process. An appointment with Simon is a unique opportunity. This is the moment where ideas take shape. Based on your personal aesthetic and our expertise, unique jewellery is designed with great care and attention to both form as well as function. This is a piece made for you to fit your world and to be passed on for generations to come.


Looking at loose stones and learning what differentiates them is part of the fun. Guided by our expertise you’ll get all the details and learn what quality features such as the 4 C’s really mean looking with your own eyes so you know exactly what sets your piece apart and why. You choose your featured diamond and/or gemstone from a selection of preferred options. All our stones are ethically sourced and certified by the best gemological laboratories. Get the expertise and choose the right one!


Our team uses the latest in 3-D Technology to assist in bringing our designs to life. With precise symmetry and perfect detail, each design is original and made to order. It’s all about the overall balance and proportions. Every curve, every nuance is a deliberate decision in design. Using these methods we are able to keep you involved in the process and show you your piece as a rendering before moving forward to 3-D printing, casting and hand assembly. The newest technologies paired with old world hand craftsmanship combine to create stunning results.


Hand craftsmanship and expert stone setting are what really set Astranova Jewellery apart. Simon has been creating custom made jewellery for over 15 years and is well respected in the Industry for precision in his craft. Extremely high standards in quality control shine through each piece. Every detail matters. These skills came from years of apprenticeship under the watchful eye of masters and continue a long tradition in the European style of jewellery craftsmanship. Right here in our Vancouver Workshop each piece passes through our hands with the greatest of care – From our hands to yours.


At Astranova Jewellery what matters most is relationships. We believe in taking care of the small things. The details matter. They matter to you and they matter to us. That’s how we build relationships with our clients and our community. It’s about much more than jewellery. Building lasting relationships is what sustains us and brings us together as we celebrate with you the big moments in life through these precious items. We become a part of your story and you become a part of ours.